How to: Build Definitions and Tasks Mapping on Azure DevOps

  1. PowerShell script will receive the following parameters:
  • $PAT = Personal Access token to connect on Azure DevOps;
  • $Organization = Organization URL to list all Team Projects, Build Definitions, and Build Tasks;
  • $Connstr = connection string to Azure SQL Database that stores the report information. To create this report, it’s necessary to create previously a Azure SQL Server and Database and run a script below:
$AzureDevOpsAuthenicationHeader = @{Authorization = 'Basic ' + [Convert]::ToBase64String([Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetBytes(":$($PAT)")) }$UriOrganization = "$($Organization)/"$uriProject = $UriOrganization + "_apis/projects?`$top=500"$ProjectsResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uriProject -Method get -Headers $AzureDevOpsAuthenicationHeaderForeach ($project in $ProjectsResult.value)
Write-Host $
$uriBuildDefinitions = $UriOrganization + "$($"    $BuildDefintionsResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uriBuildDefinitions -Method get -Headers $AzureDevOpsAuthenicationHeader    Foreach ($builDef in $BuildDefintionsResult.value)
Write-Host $
$uriBuildDef = $UriOrganization + "$($$($"        $BuildDefResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uriBuildDef -Method get -Headers $AzureDevOpsAuthenicationHeaderWrite-Host $BuildDefResult.process.phases
$uriTaskName = $UriOrganization + "_apis/distributedtask/tasks/$($"                $TaskNameResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uriTaskName -Method get -Headers $AzureDevOpsAuthenicationHeaderWrite-Host $TaskNameResult.value[0].name
  • Task Name (1) = Filter report using Task Name field;
  • Team Project Name (2) = Filter report using Team Project Name field;
  • Build Definition Name (3) = filter report using Build Definition Name field;
  • Build Definitions and Tasks Mapping Information (4) = List all information about Build Tasks, Project Name, Definition Name, and Number of usages from a respective task;
  • Number of usages = Looking at the example above, the DotNetCoreCli task is being used 4 times in the Build Definition ANP.Admin CI.




Tech Solution Architect Manager na Accenture

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Vinicius Moura

Vinicius Moura

Tech Solution Architect Manager na Accenture

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