How to: Create all iterations to your project on Azure DevOps

Each time that we need to start new projects on Azure DevOps, it’s necessary to create iterations. Often we have created some iterations with 2 weeks each, where we must repeat this same procedure regarding the number of sprints needed for our project. Here there is a perfect case where we should use some kind of automation.

Thereby using Azure DevOps CLI, I created a script on PowerShell to automate this procedure (see original GitHub repository here):

Basically, this script needs the respective Team Name, the start date of the first Sprint, and the number of Sprints. For this example, I fixed a sprint duration in 2 weeks and I used the word Sprint as a prefix.

On this script, I used 2 different commands according to Azure DevOps CLI documentation:

  1. az boards iteration project create = this command creates an iteration on Team Project;

After PowerShell execution, respective Sprints of my project will be configured correctly:

  1. Project Settings = interface that sprints are created;

2. Team Settings = interface that we select iterations and assign them to the team.



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