How to: Create Dashboard to visualize Branches ahead/behind on GitHub

  1. PowerShell script will receive the following parameters:
  • $PAT = Personal Access token to connect on GitHub organization;
  • $Organization = GitHub Organization name;
  • $Connstr = connection string to Azure SQL Database that stores the report information. To create this report, it’s necessary to create previously a Azure SQL Server and Database and run a script below:
$uriRepositories = "$($UriOrganization)/repos"$RepositoriesResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers $headers -Uri $uriRepositoriesforeach ($repo in $RepositoriesResult)
Write-Host $
Write-Host $repo.default_branch
$urlBranchesRepo = $repo.branches_url.Replace('{/branch}','')    $BranchesRepoResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers $headers -Uri $urlBranchesRepo    foreach ($branchRepo in $BranchesRepoResult)
Write-Host $
$uriCompare = "$($UriRepos)/$($$($repo.default_branch)...$($"        $ComparesResult = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers $headers -Uri $uriCompareWrite-Host $ComparesResult.ahead_by 
Write-Host $ComparesResult.behind_by
  • Repository Name (1) = Filter report using Repository Name field;
  • Branch Name (2) = Filter report using Branch Name field;
  • Branches Information (3) = List all information about Branches and Commits status (Repository, Branch, Behind Count, Ahead Count).




Tech Solution Architect Manager na Accenture

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Vinicius Moura

Vinicius Moura

Tech Solution Architect Manager na Accenture

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