How to: Create Service Connections Dashboard on Azure DevOps

Vinicius Moura
2 min readMay 26, 2021

This Power BI report list all Service Connections on Team Projects within the Azure DevOps organization

An original report is available on my GitHub repository. This report will list all Service Connections on each Team Project within Azure DevOps.

In this specific report, I’m using OData to connect Azure DevOps. I have access to many tables on this link where I can select different information in Azure DevOps. To connect OData, the link below was used (here was created an Organization parameter):{Organization}/_odata/v4.0-preview
  • After connection, was selected Projects table:
  • Here it was necessary to list all Service Connections for each project. To do this was created a Custom Column that invokes Endpoints Get Service Endpoints, according to the following command:
= VSTS.Contents("" & Organization & "/" & [ProjectName] & "/_apis/serviceendpoint/endpoints?api-version=6.0-preview.4")
  • From the API execution, was created a new table EndPoints:
  • After creating all tables, this model is presented:
  • After that, it’s possible to create a report
  • Project Name(1) = filter Team Projects;
  • Connection Type (2) = filter Connection types (git, azure, sonar, etc.);
  • Service Connection (3) = filter respective Service Connection Name;
  • Project Name(4) = lists the Team Project on which the service connection was created;
  • Service Connection(5) = lists the Service Connections for the respective Team Project;
  • Connection type(6) = lists Connection type (git, azure, sonar, etc.) for the respective Service Connection.