How to: Including a bunch of Work Items on Azure DevOps

  • Work Item Type
  • Title
  • Team Project
  • Area
  • Iteration
  1. PowerShell script will receive the following parameters:
  • $PAT = Personal Access token to connect on Azure DevOps;
  • $Organization = Organization URL to connect on Azure DevOps.
$data = Import-Csv -Delimiter '|' -Path "$home\desktop\wis.txt" -Header 'WorkItemType','Title','TeamProject','Area','Iteration'
az boards work-item create 
--title $_.Title
--type $_.WorkItemType
--project $_.TeamProject
--area $_.Area
--iteration $_.Iteration




Tech Solution Architect Manager na Accenture

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Vinicius Moura

Vinicius Moura

Tech Solution Architect Manager na Accenture

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