How to: List all Users and Access Levels on Azure DevOps

This Power BI report list all users and respective Access Levels within the Azure DevOps organization

An original report is available on my GitHub repository. This report is based on Users interface at Organization Level in Azure DevOps.

  • In this specific report, I’m using Web Data Source to connect Azure DevOps. Here I’ll call REST API that lists all users and respective Access Levels. TO do this, it’s necessary to create Organization parameter):

After that, I invoke REST API User Entitlements Get using, Web Data Source

  • From the API execution, was created a new table Users
  • After creating Users table, it’s possible to create a report
  • Access Levels (1) = filter Access Level;
  • AAD User Type (2) = filter member or guest;
  • Search user (3) = search respective user;
  • Summary (4) = chart to show the number of users per Access Level;
  • User information (5) = show all information about each user.

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