How to: Release Badges Dashboard on Azure DevOps

Vinicius Moura
2 min readJan 27, 2022

This report list all Release Definitions, respective latest execution and environment badges within the Azure DevOps organization

DISCLAIMER: This report needs a feature How do I integrate and report release status? because it’s necessary to configure Enable the deployment status badge on each Release Definition.

This new blog is a complement of How to: List all Release Definitions and their latest executions on Azure DevOps post. Here is being created a dashboard to show a respective Release Environment Badge on each Release Definition, including information of your latest execution. Therefore it’s necessary to implement a structure that is being created on this referenced post.

  • Release Status (1) = Release Environment Badge of latest execution of this Release Definition;
  • Release Definition Name (2) = Name of the Release Definition;
  • Team Project (3) = Team Project that contains this Release Definition Name;
  • Release Number (4) = Release Number of latest execution;
  • Stage (5) = Deploy Stage of this Release Number.