Treasure Map for Azure DevOps at Scale: Azure Repos Part 3

Vinicius Moura
2 min readFeb 21, 2024


Continuing our adventure focused on Azure Repos to manage our repositories, branches and policies on your Azure DevOps organization using cross-repository policies

We’re continuing our adventure focused on Azure Repos. At this time we’ll talk about repositories, barnches and policies. But, in this post, we’ll use an important feature on Azure Repos: Cross-Repository Policies

Cross-Repository Policies allows you to apply policies to branches based on naming patterns. The clearest example is when creating repositories where we want the main branch to be created with pre-established policies.See below how we will do this configuration:

  • Access a specific project and connect Azure Repos Hub
  • On Azure Repos, access Manage repositories
  • Access Policies Tab. We’ll view the section Branch Policies. Click on + to define respective naming pattern and branch policies.
  • After this configuration, you’ll be able to create repositories using this pattern.
  • After repository creation, select default branch to verifiy branch polices

Well, this was my seventh big clue for us to explore the world of Azure DevOps at Scale. See you in the next challenge!!!