Treasure Map for Azure DevOps at Scale: General Configurations Part 2

Vinicius Moura
2 min readMar 21, 2024


Continuing our adventure focused on General Configurations

As we continue our journey exploring the General Configuration of Azure DevOps, we delve into the intricate realm of Users, their corresponding Access Levels, and Group Permissions. Understanding the scope of each user and the groups they are affiliated with is paramount.

Presently, in Azure DevOps, this crucial information is decentralized, primarily focused on individual users. Here, we aim to bridge this gap by creating a comprehensive report that extracts not only user details but also their licenses and group permissions, facilitating a more holistic understanding and management of our Azure DevOps environment. 😊

  • How to: List all Users and Access Levels on Azure DevOps = This Power BI report provides a overview of all users within the Azure DevOps organization, outlining their respective Access Levels

As we near the nd of our journey, it’s clear that our voyage through the realm of Azure DevOps at Scale has been enriching. This eleventh clue has marked yet another pivotal moment in our exploration. See you!!!