Treasure Map for Azure DevOps at Scale: Azure Pipelines Part 1

Vinicius Moura
2 min readMar 1, 2024


Let’s start our adventure focused on Azure Pipelines

Let’s start our adventure focused on Azure Pipelines. And here, we talk about Environments. But here, in my humble opinion, we need to create a standardization.

Mostly we have a bunch of Team Projects, but normally we have a single process to manage all steps on Azure Pipelines. But here in my opinion we have a big problem!!

Environments feature was delivered as a project-level functionality, and in many cases we have a pipeline process (stages and jobs) that applies to our entire organization!

Then to solve this problem always remember that you need:

  • Process: define all Environments to all Team Projects (taxonomy, check and approvals);
  • Governance: Create controls and reports to ensure this standardization;

The example below shows how can validate all environments in each of the team projects (click on link for more details):

From there, we validate all team projects, thus verifying whether we have standardization in the creation of environments.

Well, this was my eighth big clue for us to explore the world of Azure DevOps at Scale. See you in the next challenge!!!

See you in the next challenge where we will talk about libraries and their patterns. :-)