Treasure Map for Azure DevOps at Scale: General Configurations Part 1

Vinicius Moura
3 min readMar 20, 2024


Let’s start our adventure focused on different General Configurations inside Azure DevOps

Welcome to our adventure focusing on the General Configuration of Azure DevOps. We’ll begin by exploring User Permission Levels across various hubs on Azure DevOps, including the Organization Level, Project Level, Area Path, Iteration Path, Git, and Pipelines.

It’s crucial to understand that many companies are subject to rigorous audit procedures, necessitating thorough verification of each user’s permission levels within Azure DevOps to ensure compliance and security.

At present, Azure DevOps lacks comprehensive reports for displaying user permissions across different contexts. To address this challenge, we’ve developed a set of detailed reports designed to assist you in managing user permissions effectively.

Explore our reports to gain insights into user permissions and ensure alignment with your organization’s security policies and compliance standards.

Well, this was my eleventh big clue for us to explore the world of Azure DevOps at Scale. See you in the next challenge!!!